Baby Clubs.. what are we looking for from them?

Since having baby D, myself and a friend who has a baby of very similar age have been looking for local baby groups or clubs that we can take the two of them too.

Our local children’s centre only seems to cater for toddlers and above. Unless you have been referred by our health visitors.
So that is no good.

Our local library has a baby bounce group on a Thursday morning for half an hour. This is free. We are yet to get our butts in gear to attend this group but hope to do this tomorrow.

That is it locally, so now we start looking up online and on Facebook to see if any other mummies can shed light on any groups that the babies (and us) might enjoy.
Brilliant music and movement in the next town! Perfect so we think. Until we email to ask of availability and are told that it is near on £60 for the remainder of the term and we MUST pay upfront and sign up for the whole term.
This is also the case with a baby sensory class in another town local to us.
Now I might be sounding tight however I just wanted to try out these groups for starters to see if it is something we would be interested in attending on a regular basis and my friend is a single mum of two and for her money is very tight. I also have an issue with signing for a whole term as there are days I can barely get myself dressed for a school run let alone attend a group where I will need to smile and make conversation (depression and anxiety is a f****er)

So now we are back where we started only one group to attend on a Thursday for a whole 30 minutes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

So now we start discussing my friend starting her own group. We throw ideas in the air, we speak to local halls etc to ask about costs. And that is as far as we have got.
So basically my question to all you yummy mummies is what do you look for in a baby group/club. Cost? Time? Signing up termly or being able to pop in one week and not another? Have I missed anything?
I’d be so interested to know so that I can feed this back to my friend and she can put this into her action plan to set up a group for all the local mummies in what seems like a baby boom of late.

Thanks xxx