Steam and mash by Nuby UK

Him indoors and I had discussed this week that now Darcey is 6 months old we should start making her meals rather than relying on pouches.
Also after showing possible signs of food allergies just like her older brother and sister I felt it the right time to pull my finger out and cook for her as I do the rest of us.

So weaning aids. I know I’ve done all this before however that was 15 and 8 years ago, and in all fairness I can’t always remember what I had for breakfast let alone what and how I fed the older sprogs. Haha.
Off to the shops I popped just to have a look, I stumbled across the Steam and Mash from Nuby UK.

In the packet it looked just like a bowl with a lid and child’s masher. (A question I knew I’d get when I posted a picture on social media was ‘surely it’s just a bowl and masher?)


However it also comes with a steamer which sits comfortably inside the bowl to hold the fruit or veggies.
The bowl also has ridges on one side that helps mash the food as well as the masher it’s self.

So this evening I chopped some sweet potato and added a handful of frozen peas. Placed them in the steamer along with a small amount of water. Placed the lid on and popped in the microwave for 3-4 minutes.
Hey presto cooked veggies. 


Now to mash to my hearts content. With the ridge side I found it so much easier to mash the food. It left small lumps too which were perfect for this next stage of weaning that we are at.


I am really pleased with this item and Darcey seemed more than happy and ate near on all I had cooked. (Which was meant for two meals)
I have recommended  the Steam and Mash to friends who are about to start weaning and for less than £5 I think it’s a great little buy.

I would love to hear any recipes, or fruit and veg combinations you have tried and have been a success




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