The 1st Buggy Walk

If you have read my previous posts regarding baby groups you will be aware that my friend Emma and I have been looking at starting a baby group that isn’t going to cost the earth or even better be free.

Emma decided on a buggy walk and excuse the pun but put the wheels in motion. My 8yr old made a couple of posters to put up in our local supermarket and library.


Emma also advertised the walk on our local village Facebook page. We had a great response saying people would love to join us.
It was looking to be a great turnout.

As the weeks past we kept reminding people online and face to face when we saw anyone with a buggy.
All agreeing that they would love to come.

So Sunday (22/3) I sent out a quick reminder on facebook and twitter again and we started getting people dropping out.
Come Monday morning we had visions of us two being the only people attending. Hey Ho! !

10:15 came and I was at Tesco waiting to meet Emma and whoever else was joining us. Then over the next 15 minutes mummies (and a couple of daddies) and their buggies started arriving.
Phew we weren’t going alone!! Not that I wouldn’t want just Emma as company on a walk of course hahaha.

We set off just after half past ten and headed out on our walk around the main road to the local country park. What a sight it must have looked with all of us in tow.



The weather was amazing. We could not have asked for a better day.
We walked a fair way until we got to the lake where feed the ducks.



Once we had finished there we headed back.
It was really great to meet other mums (and dads) that felt getting out and about was far better than being cooped up indoors day in day out.
We all mingled and chatted to one another along the route.

Everyone seemed really happy and pleased with how well the buggy walk had turned out and all asked when the next one would be taking place.
Emma asked the other mums if they would like it weekly or fortnightly. We all agreed weekly.
Following the walk Emma posted a thank you to all those that attended on the Rainham Essex Facebook page.  This raised interest from more mummies and daddies. Some commented that they were so sorry to have missed it. Some didn’t know about it and wanted to know more and one lady saying that she had seen us all walking along.



Our next walk will take place on
Monday 30th March at 10:30 am
As it is the Easter school holidays we have decided that we will walk just a little further to a play area so that any older children joining us can have a good run about. And weather permitting we can sit and have a picnic.

If you would like to join us please feel free to come along. Would be great to get more and more involved. Remember IT’S FREE :-)))


Review .. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bath & room thermometer

When we were pregnant with D we shopped for thermometers for both the bath and bedroom.

For the bath we got a duck with colour change bottom for the bath and the bedroom one was a flat piece of card with a thermometer on the front.
Neither accurate in anyway.

Then we were offered to try the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bath and room thermometer.

When it arrived we loved it’s design which is described as “Uniquely designed in the iconic tommee tippee star, the thermometer is styled to fit with your nursery or with your bathroom decor.”


Eager to give it a go we ran D a bath … now not being ofay with how the thermometer worked I was looking how to turn it on. (No on/off button) Lol
At first I thought we had been sent a non working one…. but no! It just needs a tap and it fires up in a couple of seconds (How silly did I feel?) Lol
It has a clear LCD display screen and reads the room/bath temperature within seconds.


It is designed to float in the bath and is certified as a baby toy. BPA free.


And also comes with a stand when being used in the bedroom.


The LED warning light on the display panel will illuminate red when the water temperature is above 39˚C and too hot for baby.


I found the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bath and room thermometer so easy to use and I feel confident that the water especially is now at the correct temperature, between 36.5˚C and 38˚C.

The thermometer retails at approximately  £17.99 and in my view worth every single penny.


Follow the link below to find stockists of the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bath and room thermometer

Nutella brownies

Normally we wouldn’t have nutella in the house as my two older sprogletts  have nut allergies and him in doors detests the stuff with a passion. However I had purchased a medium sized jar for pancake day.  I’ve been trying to eat it up on a slice of toast etc but it didn’t seem to be going down.

I LOVE baking… and yesterday I saw a lady on twitter (@gymbunnymummy) had baked some nutella and banana muffins. Too impatient ( i had a craving for cake) to wait for the recipe I googled Nutella recipes 🙂 🙂

Nutella mini brownies made with 4 ingredients!! Result I had 3 of the 4. (4th being chopped hazelnuts.)


1/2 a cup of Nutella.
5 tablespoons of self raising flour
1 large egg.
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and spoon into 12 mini cupcake cases. I managed to get 16 from the mixture.
Fan oven was 200c and I baked them for maximum of 10 mins.

Hey presto mini brownies in less than half an hour in total.


They were (notice ‘were’) really yummy and gooey. Really hit the chocolate cake craving I had yesterday.

Hoping to get some more baking done this weekend. It really can be therapeutic. If successful i’ll share them with you. (The recipes not the cakes hahaha)

Kebelo Enriching Range Review

I have VERY thick dry curly (frizzy) hair, at times i am dubious of new products and if they will help or hinder my mass of hair. The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was the light refreshing smell, no heavy over powering perfumes. The product felt nice and creamy without being heavy, it coated my hair nicely ( and there is a lot of hair to cover) after washing and conditioning I wrapped my hair in a towel as usual. Due to awful frizz I do not go anywhere near a blow dryer. My 8-year-old daughter asked if she could brush my hair ( this normally end s in complete ball of frizziness and disaster.) She noticed how nice and easy my hair was to brush and how soft it felt. Without me thinking she turned on the dreaded hairdryer!!! before I knew it I was being blasted with it. Too late I thought, However to my surprise my hair dried flatter than normal and reasonably straight!!!! This would NEVER happen unless a professional was blow drying my hair. I could feel a massive difference in the texture of my hair, it felt smooth and soft to touch. The 2nd time I used this product I also used the hair mask. The hair mask is much thicker than the shampoo and conditioner. I left it for approx 15 mins whilst I showered then proceeded to shampoo and condition as directed. Again I blow dried my hair!! My hair remained smooth and reasonably straight again rather than the huge ball of fuzz. The following day I used straighteners to curl my hair. The curl held really well all day without any fixing product, Nor did it double in size when I left the house and walked across Westminster bridge in London. I would most definitely keep using this product and highly recommend it to anyone with similar hair to my own. When the package arrived it was packed in a lovely white box with Kebelo ribbon tied around. Very well presented and packaged.

KebeloUltimate Enriching Range £29.95

250ml Enriching Shampoo, 250mlEnriching Conditioner, 100ml Enriching Masque

Baby group. .. quick update.

So following on from my last baby group post, I have had some feedback, attended a baby group and Emma has arranged a buggy walk for anyone who wants to join in where we live and beyond!

I asked what you all look for in a baby group. Cost came out being the top concern (as it does with most things these days)
Then mums were saying that having to sign up per term was a bit of an off putting element. Like me some of the mums that gave me feedback suffer from either PND or anxiety, so therefore there WILL without doubt be weeks getting up is a struggle let alone dragging your butt  to a baby group.

So Emma took the above into consideration when thinking of how we arrange a group. She threw some ideas in the air and came up with a Buggy Walk.
Seeing that the weather is starting to be a bit kinder to us, a walk would do us all good. It will get us out and about. It means NO COST or hiring of a hall to start when pennies are so tight.
Nobody is tied down then to how often they join us or if they stick to their word and come at all.

To find out what interest there would be Emma posted on our local village Facebook page. To say the response was amazing is an understatement. We tagged friends, who in turn tagged their friends. We have mummies (and daddies) coming to join in not just from our local village but neighbouring areas too.
We have agreed to meet at our local Tesco superstore at 10:30 am on Monday 23rd March 2015.
The route is still to be confirmed, however there are a few options as we do have some great local country parks close by.
I have this fantastic vision of 30 plus buggy’s and who knows how many people walking down past the main road to get to the park. What a sight it will be for the drivers on the A1306. Hahahahaha
So if you are in the area and fancy a walk why not join us?

As I stated at the start we also attended our local baby group (free) last week. It is held at our brand new library and is called  baby bounce. It runs for approx 30 minutes. Im not sure why but i was suprised it was so busy. We all sat round in a circle of sorts.  Toddler’s all danced in the middle rattling their shakers and we sang numerous nursery rhymes. Emma and I wished we had taken a bottle of water. Who knew singing nursery rhymes for that long would be such thirsty work. Baby D and baby J loved it. (Especially row row).
Baby D was fixated on a little girl singing and dancing next to us, occasionally laughing as she did the actions to the rhymes.
I’m so glad we went. It took D and myself out if our four walls and along to meet other mummies and their small ones.
We will go again tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s as much fun as it was last week. And I will remember a drink too.

Really excited and looking forward to the buggy walk in a couple of weeks.
Watch this space for a post on how it went and where we take our baby group ideas.