Kebelo Enriching Range Review

I have VERY thick dry curly (frizzy) hair, at times i am dubious of new products and if they will help or hinder my mass of hair. The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was the light refreshing smell, no heavy over powering perfumes. The product felt nice and creamy without being heavy, it coated my hair nicely ( and there is a lot of hair to cover) after washing and conditioning I wrapped my hair in a towel as usual. Due to awful frizz I do not go anywhere near a blow dryer. My 8-year-old daughter asked if she could brush my hair ( this normally end s in complete ball of frizziness and disaster.) She noticed how nice and easy my hair was to brush and how soft it felt. Without me thinking she turned on the dreaded hairdryer!!! before I knew it I was being blasted with it. Too late I thought, However to my surprise my hair dried flatter than normal and reasonably straight!!!! This would NEVER happen unless a professional was blow drying my hair. I could feel a massive difference in the texture of my hair, it felt smooth and soft to touch. The 2nd time I used this product I also used the hair mask. The hair mask is much thicker than the shampoo and conditioner. I left it for approx 15 mins whilst I showered then proceeded to shampoo and condition as directed. Again I blow dried my hair!! My hair remained smooth and reasonably straight again rather than the huge ball of fuzz. The following day I used straighteners to curl my hair. The curl held really well all day without any fixing product, Nor did it double in size when I left the house and walked across Westminster bridge in London. I would most definitely keep using this product and highly recommend it to anyone with similar hair to my own. When the package arrived it was packed in a lovely white box with Kebelo ribbon tied around. Very well presented and packaged.

KebeloUltimate Enriching Range £29.95

250ml Enriching Shampoo, 250mlEnriching Conditioner, 100ml Enriching Masque