2 weeks in ….

So 2 weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to start losing the junk in my trunk.

I’ve tried weight watchers earlier in the year and don’t get me wrong I lost a little but it wasn’t coming off like it needed to.

We’ve not yet booked a holiday so I didn’t have that as a point to aim for, however when I realised filming started soon I really wanted to be slimmer on telly than I am currently.

I thought I’d try slimming world as many friends have praised the diet and how well they are doing.
Being a bit of a cheapskate I decided I’d do it at home and not join group as I find this can make for a grumpy me. And I’m grumpy enough without the pressure of weigh in every week.

I joined a Facebook page where they share stories, recipes and syn values.

On the first Monday I did well during the day only eating porridge made with water for breakfast and added sweetener and salad for lunch.  Then him indoors came home with pie and chips for tea.
OK so I’ll start afresh again the next day.

I found recipes, ideas etc for lunches from Facebook and managed to have a good week until the weekend when I attended a take that concert on the Friday night with a dinner and drinks before hand. Then  the Saturday we spent the day at the capital radio summertime ball, more snacks and drinks.

Monday weigh in came about and I had lost 4.5lbs. Whoop whoop.

We carried on into the second week all going well.
Generally having overnight oats for breakfast with fresh fruit. 
A mug shot for lunch and then a fresh dinner in the evening.

I even attempted home made KFC on Friday night. I may have added a ikle bit too much spice though as our mouths were on fire haha


I’ve not eaten any bread in two weeks either. So our ‘grill’ up Saturday morning was tough with no bread to mop up the runny egg and tomato juices. Even more so when boo asked for a thick slice of cold toast and butter. But I managed it.

So now we are on Monday again and I’ve just weighed in.

1lb loss!!!

I’m blaming the previous weekend catching up on me for such a little loss.

So here’s to a better week. And hopefully a bigger loss next Monday.  


The nerves are starting to set in.

A while back I was approached to be filmed for a BBC documentary and I agreed.

The documentary is about loneliness, covering many different aspects of life and how isolated you can feel when your a new mum.
My story will cover how i have coped and that I have found ways to overcome this.

The Buggy walk being one of them. (There is a previous blog if you’ve not already seen it)

Now the weeks are passing and filming is due to take place at the end of this month. So as is natural to me I’m worrying about all sorts.

Will people turn up for the walk that will be filmed?
What will I say in my interview.
Will I make a prat of myself?
Will I be well on this days
Will darcey be well?
When shall I get my hair done?
When will I get the cleaners in to blitz the house 😂😂
The list goes on …

But I’m sure the worry is a mixture of pure nerves and excitement.
Let’s hope so.

If anyone is able to attend the walk on 30th June 2015 please do let me know.


Organix cereal review.

We were sent two breakfast cereals from Organix for Darcey to try for their #babiesbreakfastclub


Darcey is a very good eater, we normally give her either ready brek with fruit, toast or crumpets for breakfast.

We tried the Multigrain mini cereal puffs first. I like that I could add her normal milk to these as at this time she wasn’t drinking much milk.
I made them up following the nice clear instructions.
I think I expected them to go mushy.


Darcey had her first mouthful and her face was an absolute picture.


I’m not sure she was expecting the texture of the puffs.
The puffs don’t have any flavour like most baby foods.
I wonder also if this is why darcey wasn’t too keen on this cereal.
We tried these a further 3 or 4 times however she would spit them out.


So after not having much success with the puffs, we tried the banana and plum porridge. This has the puffs in also to give that little bit of texture to the normal porridge.
As I said previously darcey is used to flavour in her breakfast and she much preferred this one to the Multigrain puffs.
In fact I couldn’t get it on the spoon quick enough.

Overall I would recommend Organix to other mums because of the no additives and no junk promise……. especially the banana and plum porridge

Yesterday we were low on the porridge so I added the multi grain puffs to bulk out the porridge. And hey presto darcey ate the lot. …. ….


Capital Summertime Ball

How lucky were we yesterday?

We had very kindly been given 5 tickets to the capital radio summertime ball by another blogger who was unable to attend due to family commitments.

Boo and I met with my friend Leanne and her 2 children at our local train station about lunchtime and started our journey across London.  Listening/earwigging to others on the train it seemed the whole carriage were on their way to wembley.
The children were extremely excited as were I and Leanne.  Although a tad tired after attending Take That concert the night before at the London O2 arena.

Boo has never been to a concert nor wembley stadium. I couldn’t wait to see her face when we arrived. Her first reaction when we stepped out of the station was “wow mummy look at all those people”


As we walked through the turnstiles you could hear the buzz of everyone’s excitement, then boo saw through one of the gates to inside the actual stadium itself …. her face was an absolute picture. Her jaw dropped. “Mummy it’s soooooooo big in there”
We proceeded to find our seats where we met Claire and Danielle from Vodafone.
We were seated just to the side of the stage and not to high either. (I’m a tad scared of heights)


At this point Boo was so excited she wouldn’t stop talking about the line up, and who she was really looking forward to seeing.
With such a great line up it was hard to chose. Although my guilty pleasure olly murs was on there :-))


If we had been wearing socks yesterday I’m sure we would have danced them off. Lots of arm waving and screaming took place.

We watched all the acts bar the last two. Some great, some even greater and some I’d not heard of before.
There were a few “isn’t she cold wearing that?” And “she’s not got anything covering her bottom” moments hahaha.
The hospitality of Vodafone was great too. (Mmmmmm krispie creme) 🙂

Such a great day out. We did leave an hour early due to having three very tired children with us and two extremely exhausted mummies.

Boo is already planning her next concert to go to. I am however am going to recover from the 2 we attended this weekend first. 

I can’t thank Angela enough for giving us her tickets and for Vodafone for allowing us to go.

Can highly recommend the summertime ball  (and Leanne is already wanting to go back next year)