Capital Summertime Ball

How lucky were we yesterday?

We had very kindly been given 5 tickets to the capital radio summertime ball by another blogger who was unable to attend due to family commitments.

Boo and I met with my friend Leanne and her 2 children at our local train station about lunchtime and started our journey across London.  Listening/earwigging to others on the train it seemed the whole carriage were on their way to wembley.
The children were extremely excited as were I and Leanne.  Although a tad tired after attending Take That concert the night before at the London O2 arena.

Boo has never been to a concert nor wembley stadium. I couldn’t wait to see her face when we arrived. Her first reaction when we stepped out of the station was “wow mummy look at all those people”


As we walked through the turnstiles you could hear the buzz of everyone’s excitement, then boo saw through one of the gates to inside the actual stadium itself …. her face was an absolute picture. Her jaw dropped. “Mummy it’s soooooooo big in there”
We proceeded to find our seats where we met Claire and Danielle from Vodafone.
We were seated just to the side of the stage and not to high either. (I’m a tad scared of heights)


At this point Boo was so excited she wouldn’t stop talking about the line up, and who she was really looking forward to seeing.
With such a great line up it was hard to chose. Although my guilty pleasure olly murs was on there :-))


If we had been wearing socks yesterday I’m sure we would have danced them off. Lots of arm waving and screaming took place.

We watched all the acts bar the last two. Some great, some even greater and some I’d not heard of before.
There were a few “isn’t she cold wearing that?” And “she’s not got anything covering her bottom” moments hahaha.
The hospitality of Vodafone was great too. (Mmmmmm krispie creme) 🙂

Such a great day out. We did leave an hour early due to having three very tired children with us and two extremely exhausted mummies.

Boo is already planning her next concert to go to. I am however am going to recover from the 2 we attended this weekend first. 

I can’t thank Angela enough for giving us her tickets and for Vodafone for allowing us to go.

Can highly recommend the summertime ball  (and Leanne is already wanting to go back next year)


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