Organix cereal review.

We were sent two breakfast cereals from Organix for Darcey to try for their #babiesbreakfastclub


Darcey is a very good eater, we normally give her either ready brek with fruit, toast or crumpets for breakfast.

We tried the Multigrain mini cereal puffs first. I like that I could add her normal milk to these as at this time she wasn’t drinking much milk.
I made them up following the nice clear instructions.
I think I expected them to go mushy.


Darcey had her first mouthful and her face was an absolute picture.


I’m not sure she was expecting the texture of the puffs.
The puffs don’t have any flavour like most baby foods.
I wonder also if this is why darcey wasn’t too keen on this cereal.
We tried these a further 3 or 4 times however she would spit them out.


So after not having much success with the puffs, we tried the banana and plum porridge. This has the puffs in also to give that little bit of texture to the normal porridge.
As I said previously darcey is used to flavour in her breakfast and she much preferred this one to the Multigrain puffs.
In fact I couldn’t get it on the spoon quick enough.

Overall I would recommend Organix to other mums because of the no additives and no junk promise……. especially the banana and plum porridge

Yesterday we were low on the porridge so I added the multi grain puffs to bulk out the porridge. And hey presto darcey ate the lot. …. ….