2 weeks in ….

So 2 weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to start losing the junk in my trunk.

I’ve tried weight watchers earlier in the year and don’t get me wrong I lost a little but it wasn’t coming off like it needed to.

We’ve not yet booked a holiday so I didn’t have that as a point to aim for, however when I realised filming started soon I really wanted to be slimmer on telly than I am currently.

I thought I’d try slimming world as many friends have praised the diet and how well they are doing.
Being a bit of a cheapskate I decided I’d do it at home and not join group as I find this can make for a grumpy me. And I’m grumpy enough without the pressure of weigh in every week.

I joined a Facebook page where they share stories, recipes and syn values.

On the first Monday I did well during the day only eating porridge made with water for breakfast and added sweetener and salad for lunch.  Then him indoors came home with pie and chips for tea.
OK so I’ll start afresh again the next day.

I found recipes, ideas etc for lunches from Facebook and managed to have a good week until the weekend when I attended a take that concert on the Friday night with a dinner and drinks before hand. Then  the Saturday we spent the day at the capital radio summertime ball, more snacks and drinks.

Monday weigh in came about and I had lost 4.5lbs. Whoop whoop.

We carried on into the second week all going well.
Generally having overnight oats for breakfast with fresh fruit. 
A mug shot for lunch and then a fresh dinner in the evening.

I even attempted home made KFC on Friday night. I may have added a ikle bit too much spice though as our mouths were on fire haha


I’ve not eaten any bread in two weeks either. So our ‘grill’ up Saturday morning was tough with no bread to mop up the runny egg and tomato juices. Even more so when boo asked for a thick slice of cold toast and butter. But I managed it.

So now we are on Monday again and I’ve just weighed in.

1lb loss!!!

I’m blaming the previous weekend catching up on me for such a little loss.

So here’s to a better week. And hopefully a bigger loss next Monday.