Statement Necklace Review from Clo Clo London

Knowing that my interview was only a couple of weeks away I started looking for outfits and accessories that I could wear.

I found Clo Clo London on twitter. Whilst having a rummage through their pictures I noticed what beautiful items they had and the fantastic prices.

I’m new to wearing statement necklaces but I really feel they are the pinnacle of an outfit now.
In fact I now decide which necklace I want to wear and then my outfit. 😂😂

So it came to choosing two items from their fab range. I wanted colour and something that would also go with many outfits so that they could be worn many times.

My first choice was ‘Paris’


I loved this the moment I saw it as it has an array of colour including a vibrant blue, and currently Im finding myself wearing a lot of navy so it would be ideal for me.
‘Paris’ is a great price of £9.99
It is lightweight and can be worn in different lengths.
I have worn this a couple of times including in my main interview that will be aired on the television later in the year


I also wore it on a family day out when we went crabbing 😂😂

My second choice was ‘Liselle’


I love the pretty flowers on this necklace and the pastel colours.
I wore this necklace for some of the filming on location  with a white vest top that had a similar mix of colours.
The ‘Liselle’ can also been worn in different lengths depending on the looking you wish to achieve.
‘Liselle’ is £8.99


I’m off out for a girlie night this Friday and will be wearing this necklace then too with a cream top.

I highly recommend Clo Clo London for very reasonably priced beautiful statement jewellery.
Visit them on their website

Follow them on twitter and Facebook too.


New customers get 20% off their first order too. :D❤