UPDATED ..Chillipeeps 3in1 teat review

We first discovered chillipeeps at the Babyshow when I was pregnant with Darcey.
Now him indoors isn’t normally one for gadgets however he liked the look of these and we bought 3 to put away for the arrival of D.


I keep our chillipeeps 3in1 teat in the change bag for that odd occasion I get caught out either by going straight out with no bottles in the bag or when we are out and D wants a drink of water.

They are so easy to use. The teats are in the bright green pods that keep them sterilised and ready to use.
They have adaptors depending on which milk or water they are being added too.
They fit a variety of bottles and cartons as you can see from the picture above. We’ve used them on both an evian water bottle and Aptamil ready mixed bottle.


The teats and adaptors can be sterilised along with baby’s bottles in a steam steriliser. Pop back in the pod and keep in your change bag.
Ideal for holidays too as they don’t take up as much room as some big clumpy baby bottles.
The teats are variflow which is ideal for them to see baby through from 3 to 12 months. 

Chillipeeps NEW 3in1 teat and spout are a multi award winning product designed by a mum.

We have now ordered a spout and can’t wait for D to try it out.

We received our spout last week, Darcey loves it and has tried it on both a evian water bottle and a Aptimal ready made milk bottle. I often have trouble getting her to drink either her lunchtime or teatime bottle but today we attached the spout to the ready made milk bottle and she drank the whole thing!! She is now sleeping it off :D:D

Darcey’s friend Jacob also loved using the spout on the evian bottle. They kept stealing it from one another.


We have also been selected to be a chillipeeps champion.
If you are thinking of ordering from http://www.chillipeeps.com please feel free to use my discount code
3KIDSANDHIMINDOORS (all uppercase) this will entitle you all to 10% off.


We will be spreading our love of chillipeeps so why not give them a go and see for yourselves.


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