Magnitone Lucid Review

My skin has been that of a teenager ever since having D.
I was using a daily exfoliator to keep spots at bay and to try and brighten my somewhat dull looking face.

I don’t mind admitting I do wear make up daily and can be a tad lazy when it comes to removing it before bed.

I was asked by   to review the Magnitone Lucid, daily cleansing and exfoliation brush.
Happy to give anything a try that would make my skin look better I agreed to give it a go. 



The lucid comes boxed with magnetic charger and travel adaptor.
It has two settings, deep cleanse and sensitive.
I used sensitive for the first few days just to get used to it. Then deep cleanse towards the end of the 7 days.
The Magnitone Lucid is waterproof, although not recommended to submerge in water.
It has a timer on so that you don’t over do it on one area of the face but move around evenly, it then cuts off after 1 minute. (I loved this as I am not a morning person and would have just stood holding it one area otherwise hahaha)
I started noticing a difference even after a couple of days 
And then after the first 7 day period my skin was much softer, less blemishes and brighter.
I will keep using the Magnitone Lucid and who knows I could start looking 10 years younger in no time:D:D

Ok I will apologise now and warn you before you scroll down I am posting pictures of me WITHOUT make up in the hope you can see the difference in my skin in just a week.


Before …..


After ….

I can certainly feel the difference.