Diggerland (Kent) review

Due to sickness we were unable to attend Diggerland ourselves. However I gave our family ticket to a close friend after she had expressed an interest in going.

She has two children a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 3. They went the Sunday after fathers day as a treat for daddy as he had also been poorly on fathers day itself.


J said they had an awesome day. The children really enjoyed themselves as did daddy.
The children were able to go on some of the rides/diggers by themselves and mummy and daddy were able to watch and see the enjoyment on the children’s faces.

They said that they were so very lucky the day they attended there were no queues at all apart from the one ‘ride’ for driving the 4×4.
There were plenty of amusements and rides to go on all suitable for both children as well as mummy and daddy.

J and her family ate in the restaurant and said the food was lovely, reasonably priced and the restaurant it’s self was exceptionally clean.
She also commented on how unbelievably polite, friendly and kind the staff are at Diggerland.

Harry (3yr old) explained that he had also had the biggest ice cream ever.

Both children were so excited when telling me about their day out. Harry showed me his purchases from the gift shop and told me about every ride/digger he had been on. Their faces were alight when telling me.
I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most.

J said the family can not wait to return and hope to do so very soon.
They highly recommend the day out especially with children of similar ages.
I hope we will be able to visit one day. 





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  1. I don’t want to have any expectations of my son but oh man do I hope that he loves diggers because I can’t wait to take him there!


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