Summer holiday dread

OK so I’m going to admit I am not looking forward to the summer holidays as much as I should be.

Why? I hear you ask.
Where do I start?
This will be my first summer holiday as a mummy of 3.
Trying to entertain and keep happy all 3 with such big age gaps will be a challenge.
Trying not to go shopping everyday
Trying to feed them all day every day.  (Cos you know none of them will want to eat the same thing or at the same time each day)
Trying to find free things to do.
Try to keep them all alive.
I could go on……….

Now I know H is 15 and can pretty much look after himself but I still like to count him in our daily plans if we have any and if he wants to join us.
Not forgetting that we have a 1st birthday to organised and celebrate during this next month.

I’m sure I am not the only mum in this state of dread right now?

I welcome any suggestions on where to go and what we can do to keep ourselves from going round the twist for the next 6 weeks.

Hope you all have a lovely summer holiday ….see you all in September? (With grey hair possibly ) hahaha