I survived day one of the summer holidays. ..

I have been dreading the summer holidays for some weeks now.

Today was day one. And at 22:30 I am here without extra grey hair to say I made it.

We managed a lie in until 7:30am!! And we pottered about a bit first thing as you do.

Then I took all 3 children to view a new house. Exciting and FREE hahaha
And fresh air to boot as we walked rather than getting the bus.

On the way home Boo, Darcey and I popped in the local shop and bought lunch. Nothing special just mini bagettes and hotdogs.

This afternoon Boo decided she wanted to bake. We asked H to pop back down the shop for supplies. And she then baked some biscuits.


And finally this evening we went out for my brother in laws 30th birthday.  A meal at Simply Blues in Hornchurch.
I even managed to squeeze in a cocktail 




The only downfall of the evening was when I reached into my Cath Kidston change bag for Darcey’s juice cup (full of water) it was upside down and no longer full. Instead all the contents of my bag were swimming in water.
At least I know the bag is waterproof from inside as nothing leaked out of the bag. Hahaha.

Anyway so now we are home and kids are all in bed… I can happily say Day One is done! !