Things I’ve learnt this week….(on holiday with the family)

This week we have been to Centre Parcs for the first time.

I’ve learnt that adventure holidays aren’t as bad as I previously thought. … I wished I’d booked more things to do. (There’s always next time)

Ive learnt that Converse are not for walking long distances when trying to keep up with him indoors. =very sore arch to foot

I’m older than I was… it was my birthday whilst away

Ive learnt just because you have a big flabby bottom this does not mean it’s good padding for riding a bike. …Ouch my butt hurts

Ive learnt how to stay upright on on a bike. I hadn’t ridden a bike for 30+years before this week.

I’ve learnt how unfit I am…. we went bowling, cycling and swimming in one day, we didn’t move from the sofa that evening

I’ve learnt to take a carrier bag when leaving bike out in the rain to stop soggy flabby achy bottom. …only once did I get soggy bott


I’ve learnt that I need to be far more organised when going away with packing…. didn’t pack half of what we actually needed.

Ive learnt I’m better at crazy golf and bowling than I thought…whooped H’s arse at them



I learnt that just because the picture on the menu looks small doesn’t mean it is … the American pancakes were bloody huge and I nearly didn’t manage to eat them. (Diet starts Monday)


I’ve learnt the power of Facebook… it has bought myself and one of my many cousins together this week after 38 years


I’ve learnt that men can be beauty therapists too…..i refused to allow him to carry out my full body massage though.

I’ve learnt that just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun…we went out in the rain and had fun as a family and yes we got very wet! !


I’ve learnt that having acrylic nails on an activity holiday is not the best idea… lost/cracked all nails on my right hand. GRRRR

I’ve learnt I am far too big to be squashed in the back of the car between a baby seat and Boo…. (see attached pic 😂😂😂)


So all in all my week at Centre Parcs has been fun and educational hahaha

Thanks to him indoors for taking us all away xxx