2015 a quick round up 

I’ve just sat and thought back across this past year and realised how far I have come from a year ago.

This time last year I was in therapy for PTSD AND PND. Now I’m not saying I’m completely better but I’m well on my way.

I have achieved things this year that were always on my ‘I’m never ever going to do that list!!!’ 

I rode a bike! 

I visited soft play

I went to playgroup

I had my hair chopped off (and coloured red) 

I booked driving lessons! 

I agreed to be on a tv documentary and a live news show (but that’s next week) 

I had a film crew follow me for two days

I have given newspaper interviews

I passed my theory test!!! 

Today I booked my practical driving test!! 

And not forgetting to cope being a mum of 3!! 

All of the above are big achievements to little old me, especially the driving. Just ask any of my friends and family how I hate being in a car full stop. But now I love driving and can’t wait to pass. 

I wouldn’t have managed half if any of the above without the support and encouragement of my family and friends. 

So this is just my way of saying a big thank you to all and I hope you all have a bloody good new year. 
Let’s see what 2016 brings (apart from a big birthday) 😂